Glazes / Orchard


Rubber garden boots, rally car, tourmaline. A deep, riparian green

"Orchard—a lush, verdant green—is a glaze I'm really feeling in our Dinner Plate and Coupe. It makes a nice backdrop for vibrant summer produce." – Connie Matisse, CEO

Orchard Bowls


East Fork collaborated on Orchard, this limited glaze with Momofuku, the revered restaurant group that’s been setting new standards and making headlines since 2004. Orchard, along with Peachy Keen, was offered in very limited quantities in December 2020 and again in larger numbers in summer 2021. Orchard is a verdant green like the leaves of a peach tree as a summer afternoon crosses slowly to evening. Did you know Momofuku can translate to “lucky peach”?