East Fork Staff Favorites

These are our quiet obsessions: speckled bowls, colorful textiles woven on a pedal loom, and other goods made to last. The things we love, for the people you love.

East Fork's Linen Napkin Pairs

"As someone who often uses too many paper towels, these beautiful linen napkins really help cut down on waste and make each meal feel like a fine dining experience. I had the opportunity to tour Sew Co. last year and seeing the care and intention they put into their craft makes these simple linens extraspecial."

- Patrice, Social Media Manager

Patrice's Favorites

East Fork's Heavyweight Canvas Tote

"As someone who always seems to be schlepping things from one place to another, I can vouch for this tote. Leave it in your car for emergency grocery store runs, or turn it into your new laptop bag. Either way, it’s taking your tote game up a notch. Perfect for the schleppers in your life."

- Coeta, Marketing Operations Manager

Coeta's Favorites

East Fork's Ice Cream Bowl

"I use these bowls all the time, and small bowls just make me and my kitchen shelves happy. They're the perfect size for 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream (of course), whisking an egg or two, a lunchtime portion of soup, storing berries in the fridge. They're also great filled with hummus and tucked inside an Everyday Bowl, surrounded by rice crackers...that's my go-to snack situation. Sometimes, I share."

- Jasmin, Copywriter

Jasmin's Favorites

No.12 Cast Iron Skillet by Smithey

"Since the day I took my skillet home it's been my absolute go-to! Not only is it a beautiful design and conversation piece, but it's also driven me to experiment more with my cooking and has created tasty results!”

- Molly, Store Manager of East Fork Atlanta

Molly's Favorites

East Fork’s The Candle in Odd Woods

"Odd woods is the perfect moody, woodsy, complex fragrance for a quiet winter evening - it makes me feel like I'm in a forest cabin. I love the scent, the fact that it burns for what feels like forever, and afterwards you have a vessel for pens, toothbrushes, flowers, anything!"

- Emilja, Production Scheduler

Emilja's Favorites

Velasca Calices by R+D

"I could not possibly gush more over how much I love my Velasca Calices. Their unique design and shape have me consistently choosing these beauties not only for wine, but even sparkling water. I am instantly transported to a lush field in a Walt Whitman poem, soaking up the sun's warm rays and appreciating the moment."

- Ryan, Customer Care Associate

Ryan's Favorites

East Fork's Everyday Bowl

“I started my East Fork collection with two Eggshell Everyday Bowls and truly use them everyday. I now have a colorful stack so that I don't have to wash it every time I use it but it is the perfect bowl for almost every meal plus it keeps me safe from a mess if I want to eat a meal on the couch!”

- Stacy, Email Marketing Manager

Stacy's Favorites

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